17 Practices Online Resource Guide

Goal: To provide G.E. educators and supporters with an online implementation resource for the 17 Practices

Common elements for each of the 17 Practices include:

Visual Evidence - List of displays of easily readable visual material
Observable Evidence - Elements that may be observed during instruction

Each of the 17 Practices has a menu page containing multiple sections of resource material

Levels: Levels and components are designated within each resource.

Components: (May vary with each practice)


Words in blue are active online web links
Words in green are links to printable materials

I. Practice Web Link Wheel

A. G.E. Tenet and Key Ideas – May include links to printable resources

B. Mind Map – Link to a printable mind map

C. Lessons - includes a variety of printable resource materials as well as active web links

1) Strategies for Instruction
2) Life Principle
3) Link to one of the 8 Expectations: Literature, Music, Videos, Vocabulary Writing Prompts, and Activities
3 levels: Elementary - Middle School - High School

D. Quotes about Practice – Resource Sheet of quotes and linksto printable posters

E. Literature/Poems about Practice – Links to literature/poems about the elements of the Practice

F. Research supporting the elements of the Practice

G. Resources - Websites and Other Materials

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